Meet the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas

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Azura Mojave character concept art with neon lights The Gazz Queen of Las Vegas She is a fictional female character (Azura Mojave, the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas) who had her world premiere on August 1, 2023 in an uncensored and kinky satire 18-minute podcast episode. Listen to the episode here: Sex Advice from the Vegas Gazz Queen | Branching out beyond the podcast episode, in the works is an emerging Las Vegas theatre … Read more

Cannabis Consumption in Las Vegas

Cannabis consumption in Las Vegas has grown in popularity since laws were changed to make cannabis legal in Nevada in 2017. The internationally-known gambling destination of Las Vegas is today home to dozens of dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses as a vibrant cannabis culture is here to stay. When you visit Las Vegas you can find a wide variety of cannabis products available, ranging from flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals. Just do not smoke cannabis … Read more

Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching: Cannabis for Grownups

If you consider yourself a grownup and you live where cannabis has been legalized, this section of this website is especially intended tp benefit you. The emphasis here in this section of this website is on the use of cannabis for health benefits and not the use of cannabis for getting high or stoned. I’m known in Las Vegas for Dr. Woody’s Cannabis Coaching (see my cannabis coaching page on Facebook). Over the span of … Read more

Seeking Las Vegas People to Appear on Podcasts

An established podcast with over 60,000 total downloads is seeking Las Vegas people to appear as guests in episodes. Send email to the podcast host and producer today: Taboo! The type of guest that is most desirable is Las Vegas people who hold strong beliefs or who have personal or professional aspects of their lives considered to be taboo by others. * * * * * Featured Podcastwith Annette Houlihan Verdolino of Las Vegas: … Read more

That Voice in Your Mind Hello, my name is Woody Goulart and I am an advocate of listening to and managing the voice that you hear in your mind. This voice has no sound anyone can hear. This voice cannot be observed or measured by a medical doctor or a scientist directly. This voice is not even physical. Learning how you can listen to and manage your mind voice involves what’s often called mindset coaching—a one-to-one process in … Read more