Appearance of Normalcy

So You Think You Can Appear to be Normal

We all endured changes we never chose nor wanted starting in 2020. COVID-19 is why.

Some of us personally know people who got sick and died in 2020 or 2021 because their bodies could not fight back against the highly contagious respiratory virus which continues affecting human civilization on our planet.

Some of us personally know people who choose to deny the seriousness of this airborne disease. Such people choose to believe the virus is “fake” or somehow was caused deliberately by “partisan politicians” in the United States of America.

We also know people personally who choose to use the word freedom whenever they refer to their personal choice to avoid the vaccinations to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and they do not wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth whenever they venture out in public. The belief in their definition of freedom stems from their personal and deliberate choice to deny science and medicine in 2021. Such a clear-cut denial despite the presence of other choices in beliefs fuels their favoring the complete untruth that we humans need not do anything and COVID-19 simply will vanish and stop making people sick or dead.

All of these things we all should know already if we simply pay attention to what is going on out there in real life.

Here is how you can give the public appearance of normalcy if you choose to do so. This is so very easy. Anyone can do it:

  • Get the vaccine that is designed to slow down the spread of COVID-19.
  • Wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth whenever you venture out in public.
  • Frequently use hand sanitizer and/or warm water and soap to clean your hands before and after you venture out in public.
  • Let your hair on top of your head and on your face grow as long as it will.
  • Let your hair color be what it will.
  • Smile though your heart is aching.
Photographs show the author of this post in Las Vegas, NV on April 21, 2021.

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