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Dr. Woody Goulart, Las Vegas, NV

Legal name is Elwood Franklin Goulart. Commonly known since the 1960s as Woody Goulart.

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Who is Woody Goulart?

Woody’s answer is: I’ve been providing coaching, consulting, mentoring and training to adults since the late 1970s. That was when I started worked within large and small organizations. Many coaches today are just starting out in coaching. I am very different from them because of my accomplishments over many years of full-time employment in which I gained a reputation for providing coaching, consulting, mentoring and training to adults. Now, I work directly and one-to-one with you to help you with personalized coaching.

Why am I called Dr. Woody?

I earned my doctoral degree in 1978 and began a career teaching full-time at the university level which continued for several years. People like me who become university professors typically are called “doctor” since that’s a title which signals professional respect. The title of “doctor” and the word, itself, comes from “doctoral degree” and “doctor of philosophy” (abbreviated as PhD.)

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Mindset Coaching Details

I have developed a particular and unique mindset coaching framework from my own real life experiences. This framework is at the core of all my life coaching efforts. I would never offer anything to you without first having personally proven that it works in the real world.

I am neither rich nor famous. I actually was born and raised in a small town and did not come from a famous or wealthy family. This means I did not have any built-in advantages in life to propel me to achieve fame or fortune. All that I am I became by deliberate and conscious choice. You can do the same or similarly in your own life.

Mindset Coaching Essential Elements

Listed here in alphabetical order are the specific elements which I have identified as beneficial to you from having lived in the real world. All of these (taken together and used together) will bring you genuine success no matter who you are or what you do for a living: 

  • Commitment / Determination / Stamina
  • Credibility Proof — External or third-party verification of accomplishments
  • Curiosity / Openness to Lifelong Learning
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ) not Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Independent Thinking — Skills in thinking critically and analytically
  • Learned Skills from Having Done Actual High-Skills Work
  • Method Acting Skills — Recalling one’s emotions or reactions in real life and then using such recollections to behave in ways that make one relatable to people as actors do in portraying characters in movies or on television
  • Self-Actualization also known as self-directedness or having a deep sense of self-direction
  • Social and Emotional Connection Skills

Want to Know More?

I was born and grew up in San Luis Obispo, California in a small-town environment. I’m sure this is where I learned to be genuine, honest, and down-to-earth. Today I live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a professionally certified mindset coach who also has a doctoral degree in communications. This powerful combination enables me to help clients improve their personal life as well as their professional life. I am the real deal. Much of what you see online as offers for coaching comes from people who are very young and lack life experience. Why would you ever pay money to people like them?

Because I have traveled extensively throughout most of the 48 contiguous states and have lived and worked in all four of the continental US time zones, I have acquired a lot of perspective on how to be real with people and interact with everyone in honest and straightforward ways. I know how to succeed at the things I set my mind on. I can train, coach, or mentor you drawing upon all these things that I have learned in how a genuine person can live successfully.

Executive Coaching Experience

My professional experience in coaching executives can be traced back to the late 1990s in the Washington, DC area where I wrote and produced communications outreach campaigns and products to educate and persuade target audiences using both interactive websites and mainstream media. I am especially known for performing research and development and then launching and maintaining effective campaigns using today’s communications technology that reinforce an organization’s reputation, mission and vision. I use today’s interactive media (especially blogging and other social media channels) to reach, engage, and influence target audiences. But, I also am experienced in senior-level executive communications. My professional writing on behalf of senior executives has included speeches, talking points, op-eds, magazine articles, scripts, multimedia presentations and ghostblogging.

See this online column that explained my work as a ghostblogger in 2006.

I have coached senior executive-level people in the Washington, DC market about how they can best present themselves in public to succeed in front of any audience situation. I have served in both the Washington, DC nonprofit and US military sectors including work for the US Army and for the Department of Defense. I also have coached senior executives in the Department of Justice. My efforts have been primarily in advocacy and social marketing to change target audience beliefs, values and behaviors. I also have coached small business owners who do not happen to live only big cities.

People select a mindset coach for one reason: They’ve decided to change their life in some specific or general way, and they are seeking help from a professional who can get them started with that. You can benefit from my skillful coaching no matter where you live. This is not just for people who are in Las Vegas or in the state of Nevada.

Price You Pay vs. Value You Gain

Many life coaches today charge thousands upon thousands of dollars for their services. Such very high price points favor established executives and business leaders. They can can afford to pay a lot of money for mindset coaching. You may not have money to burn, so you can ignore the pitches that call for you to spend thousands of your hard-earned money.

I provide everyday down-to-earth people with high value mindset coaching which is very different from all that other high-priced coaching you can find everywhere online today.

I provide uniquely helpful eBooks which are 100% FREE TO DOWNLOAD. I also offer personalized, one-to-one coaching for a fee. Learn more. The truth is: Just because something is high in price does not mean it will have a high value to you. What matters most with life coaching are the specific outcomes you get, not how much or how little money you paid.

Not only are my FREE eBooks genuinely useful, I also am different than most other coaches because I have many years professional experience from business/industry employment in the real world. I proved myself out there working in the real world over many decades. My business/industry employment experience will directly benefit you if you get into coaching from me.

It is true that many coaches today do not actually have employment background in the subjects they now coach. They may only have recently started coaching. They may have paid to be called “certified” but they lack actual real-world employment in the subjects they now want to coach you about.

You would benefit by avoiding coaching offered by such unqualified people who lack sufficient real-world professional experience. They are experienced only in coaching and maybe in marketing of coaching online. Why should you care about them?

How am I different from them? I am a mature person who is not just starting out today offering life skills coaching. I have been professionally certified as a mindset coach, have a real-world track record of professional work, but in addition I have an earned doctoral degree—a powerful combination that maximizes credibility not frequently found nowadays in most other life coaches whom you may conclude correctly are faking it and bullshitting you just to get your money.

Teaching and Training Experience

I have experience in the Washington, DC market teaching and training adult students to enhance their business writing, public relations, and professional communication skills. My experience is both in my instructor-led, face-to-face meetings in Washington, DC area classrooms, and I also have professional experience using online education facilities to serve adult students around the world. I am an expert curriculum builder and provider of professional writing and speaking skills training and career counsel to adults built upon several years experience as a full-time university-level faculty member in communications and journalism.

Business Experience

Although my primary expertise today aligns mainly with marketing communications along with tradition and digital public relations, I also bring a general manager’s perspective to running a business and achieving targeted results across performance criteria. I have had experience as a general manager with a $13 million-dollar budgetary responsibility and a total staff of over 80 people. I also have first-hand experience from starting and running my own small business to provide in-house corporate clients with coaching, training, and communications services for the 21st century. My leadership accomplishments are augmented by my professional experience as a writer in news, public affairs and advertising in major markets—Boston and Los Angeles. Additionally, I have professional experience and expert-level skills using today’s digital production and online content management systems and software. I have conceived, written, built, and launched websites for a wide variety of key audiences and numerous clients in large and small organizational settings. Most significantly, I have provided website coaching services for small business owners using today’s social media capabilities.


One tangible proof of the effectiveness of my Web work is that my writing efforts won me three consecutive years recognition in the 21st century APEX Awards.

My direct experience using the internet for business started back in 1996 in Washington, DC—one of the most competitive major media markets in the United States. My expertise using the web for business comes from many lessons learned over the span of nearly two decades.

I earned my Ph.D. in communications from Indiana University, Bloomington before I had reached the age of 30. I am very different in my approach to today’s digital communications technology compared to people whose expertise and passion for using the Web for business comes from a recent undergraduate degree in college or from a few years experience working on websites.

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