Seeking Las Vegas People to Appear on Podcasts

An established podcast with over 60,000 total downloads is seeking Las Vegas people to appear as guests in episodes. Send email to the podcast host and producer today:


The type of guest that is most desirable is Las Vegas people who hold strong beliefs or who have personal or professional aspects of their lives considered to be taboo by others.

* * * * * Featured Podcast
with Annette Houlihan Verdolino of Las Vegas:

Revealing Your Taboo Self

Ideal Guests

Made in Las Vegas, Nevada, this podcast series is ideally suited to showcase you worldwide if you work as:

  • an author / storyteller / writer
  • a visual artist
  • an actor
  • a musician
  • an entertainment performer
  • a sex worker
  • a stand-up comic
  • an advocate of cannabis usage
  • an adult video performer
  • an exotic dancer
  • a YouTube show host
  • a psychic
  • a street performer
  • a director or producer
  • …and other professions that are apart from most mainstream jobs.

Send email to the podcast host and producer today:

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