Cannabis Consumption in Las Vegas

Cannabis consumption in Las Vegas has grown in popularity since laws were changed to make cannabis legal in Nevada in 2017. The internationally-known gambling destination of Las Vegas is today home to dozens of dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses as a vibrant cannabis culture is here to stay.

When you visit Las Vegas you can find a wide variety of cannabis products available, ranging from flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals. Just do not smoke cannabis out in public when you visit here. Doing so is not legal. Also do not smoke cannabis in a casino resort room because that will get you into trouble.

Does it seem like Las Vegas invites people here with the promise of available cannabis and then fails to deliver? The simple answer is YES. Las Vegas became known for a number of cannabis-focused local events which would indicate an increase acceptance. But during all of 2020 through the end of 2022 the coronavirus pandemic impeded what had been thought would be a very rapid expansion of celebrating cannabis culture locally.

Will there be an expansion of cannabis culture in Las Vegas? Perhaps one clue will be found in the 2023 opening of The Lexi which will be the first of its kind—a cannabis-oriented hotel. The property located on Sahara Avenue just west of the I-15 freeway and the Las Vegas Strip will feature a European-style pool with the label of “topless optional,” an uncommon feature even in Las Vegas. The question remains whether Sin City will be ready to handle mixing nudity with weed.

Overall, it is completely accurate to report that most people will conclude that Las Vegas is hampered by often confusing laws which govern cannabis consumption even though cannabis was legalized in this state back in 2017. The confusion seems to have grown accidentally rather than being a deliberate choice of lawmakers.

A strong attempt to manage the statewide laws governing cannabis was the creation of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) which is the legal entity that approves licensing and operation of cannabis consumption lounges not just in Las Vegas, but throughout all of Nevada. An official listing of the state-approved license holders is posted online.

Cannabis consumption became available first in Las Vegas at NuWu which is owned and operated by indigenous peoples, the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe. The venue is two blocks north of the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas but walking there is not recommended for any visitors.

In contrast, visitors on the Las Vegas Strip can walk to Planet 13 the largest cannabis dispensary in the world. This venue promises to become the most desirable adjacent experience for Las Vegas Strip visitors seeking to consume cannabis during their stay.

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