That Voice in Your Mind Hello, my name is Woody Goulart and I am an advocate of listening to the voice that you hear in your mind. This voice has no sound anyone can hear. This voice cannot be observed or measured by a medical doctor or a scientist directly. This voice is not even physical. Photograph of Woody Goulart, Ph.D. Watch a five-minute video about the importance of mind voice… Listen to “Owner’s Manual for Your Mind” … Read more

Westward Ho…to Las Vegas

“Westward Ho” was a phrase I’d heard way back when I was just a boy growing up in a small California town. My youthful curiosity led me, of course, to seek truth and answers that were readily available to me in comic books at the barber shop. I concluded that “Westward Ho” was proof positive that a kid could grow up to fight pirates on the high seas. I wanted to do that! I also … Read more

Lessons Learned Living in the Mojave Desert

My latest blog post reveals lessons learned while living in the Mojave Desert… Embedded Link Surviving a Career Transition Desert For those of you who have never lived in a desert, you just have to trust me when I tell you: The rules for survival of life in a desert are very different from everywhere else. My desert living exper… Google+: View post on Google+