Meet the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas

Azura Mojave character concept art
Azura Mojave character concept art with neon lights

The Gazz Queen of Las Vegas

She is a fictional female character (Azura Mojave, the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas) who had her world premiere on August 1, 2023 in an uncensored and kinky satire 18-minute podcast episode. Listen to the episode here:

Branching out beyond the podcast episode, in the works is an emerging Las Vegas theatre play, an entertainment project that is on a mission to show how genuine Las Vegas talents actually live here permanently and they have fascinating stories worth telling.

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  • This is a female-centric satire spotlighting a character known worldwide as Azura Mojave, the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas—present-day fictional Las Vegas podcast personality who dispenses advice and commentary about human sexuality and behaviors online. This character is an homage to a certain 1980 New York City radio personality with a German accent who gave candid advice on sexual behaviors on the air to her listeners.
  • The whimsical, self-deprecating podcast series is fictional but one episode was released August 1, 2023. The story behind the podcast is brought to life in the theatre production tackling major issues of the present day including the real-world parenting challenges when you have gay children, the nonacceptance and prejudice directed towards men who get costumed as females for drag performances in front of an audience, and the growing national American prejudice against young trans people.
  • An integral part of the intended Las Vegas theatre production is the use of contemporary adaptations of eternally-relevant sentimental romance songs from nearly one hundred years ago featuring music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The songs are intended to be performed live on stage by an all-female house band.
  • The Las Vegas theatrical play script is available for downloading if you visit the Gazz Queen website and register for free.
  • This Las Vegas stage production has a built-in and relevant sponsorship/promotional tie-in opportunity for an adult sex toy business online and/or in retail locations in Nevada such as The Love Store.

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