Meet the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas

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Azura Mojave character concept art with neon lights The Gazz Queen of Las Vegas She is a fictional female character (Azura Mojave, the Gazz Queen of Las Vegas) who had her world premiere on August 1, 2023 in an uncensored and kinky satire 18-minute podcast episode. Listen to the episode here: Sex Advice from the Vegas Gazz Queen | Branching out beyond the podcast episode, in the works is an emerging Las Vegas theatre … Read more

Rest in Peace, Craig Hines

Craig Hines, the most significant of my college era friends, has left this mortal world. What can I say in response? What is fitting or relatable? Let me try to help you remember him through some anecdotes I can share from so long ago. A 20th-century photograph shows Craig Hines inside the Museum of Broadcasting, Chicago. He was the first person I knew who managed to escape from that slow little town of San Luis … Read more

What Happens in Vegas…

Since I live here in Las Vegas, I see this place through the eyes and mind of a local resident–not a visitor. As a local, I accept without holding anything back that Vegas is, if nothing else, a place of business. Vegas is a place where people attempt to make money selling goods and services to others in ways that few other American cities ever attempt. Money gets spent on marketing slogans to attract visitors … Read more

Is AARP a Scam?

I was employed at the national headquarters of AARP in Washington, DC from 1995 through 2006 in their communications and outreach operations. These views and opinions that I express here are mine alone and do not necessarily align with the views and opinions of AARP. The very short history of how AARP got started is this: In Los Angeles during the 1950s, the first female high school principal (Ethel Percy Andrus) during her retirement formed … Read more

Your Career Choice Can Ruin You Financially

Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be DJs or journalism majors. Your kids will soon after choosing to be in radio or television or journalism become dead broke and they will come begging for you as parents to let them move back in with you. Stop them before they make a terrible career mistake! You probably have at least heard of Kiplinger, a publisher located in Washington, DC that provides business forecasts and … Read more