Gallery of Photographs

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Boss Radio billboard that overlooked the Sunset Strip in the mid-1960s.


Print media advertisement for the 1965 Ford Mustang.


This young female was the lucky winner of a 1965 Ford Mustang given away KHJ to promote the Boss Radio format.


Original signage at the studios and offices of KHJ radio and television in the mid-1960s.


1960s KHJ promotional material for The Real Don Steele.


This cowboy was not a cowboy at all. Don Macleod was an innovative radio personality named “Mac the Scotch Hillbilly” who appeared on the air in San Luis Obispo, California starting in the 1950s. The on-air personality in my home town influenced me to seek a career in the radio broadcasting business.


1960s KHJ promotional imagery.


The original 7 “Boss Jocks” on KHJ in 1965: (Left to right) Robert W. Morgan (6 to 9 am), Roger Christian (9 am to Noon), Gary Mack (Noon to 3 pm), The Real Don Steele (3 to 6 pm), Dave Diamond (6 to 9 pm), Sam Riddle (9 pm to Midnight), and Johnny Williams (Overnight).


Promotional music flier for KHJ August 1965.


1962 promotional photo of Bill Drake.

ramonaphilip wedding kynofresno

During the 1960s Bill Drake was married to Ramona Palmer for 7 years.


Bill Drake photographed for a 1971 magazine advertisement for Dewar’s Scotch.


1970s promotional imagery for KIQQ (“K100”) FM in Hollywood.


1990 frame grab from a video of Casey Kasem, Gene Chenault, and Bill Drake at the 25th Anniversary celebration of Boss Radio KHJ in Century City, California.


Former rivals who became collaborators, Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs meet in person for one last time in a Woodland Hills, California bar in June 1999.

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