Scoffing Dinosaur

When you live in the 21st century, you need to embrace and use the tools of the 21st century or you will become as relevant as dinosaurs. If you scoff at this, you are choosing to be a scoffing dinosaur.

How many birthdays you have had doesn’t matter one bit. Whether you like using computers or smart phones doesn’t matter either.

If you are in a career search in the wake of the Great Recession, you want to stand out. You definitely do not want to be a scoffing dinosaur. The choice is very simple and it is your choice alone: Relevant. Irrelevant.

You must embrace and use the tools of the 21st century if you are in a career search in the wake of the Great Recession or you will likely not succeed in your career search.

Forget about wasting the time to update your printed-out resume. Forget about buying envelopes and stamps. Establish an online presence instead. Printed-out pieces of paper that you send by snail mail will signal that the inbound envelope is coming from you, the scoffing dinosaur.

Establish an online presence instead so that you can electronically transmit the link to your online presence. You should have an online presence that effectively creates and maintains your personal brand. If anyone Googles you and finds nothing, this proves that you are a scoffing dinosaur. But, if you have a personally branded online presence, you will show up in Google searches.

My newest personally branded online presence is the website you are visiting now. This website is a very clear example of the kind of online presence that you should have if you are in a career search.

As a necessary follow-up, you really need to establish a presence and profile on and I recommend that you upgrade to a premium account.

I will be happy to discuss these simple tactics with anyone who reaches out to me and I can help set up your online presence if you need such help.

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