Books by Woody Goulart


Published during the 2000s under the pen name of Madeira Desouza, Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside is a full-length illustrated science fiction novel for adult readers.



This is a free eBook covering the latest on legal cannabis for people age 50 plus.

khj ebook cover 2023

KHJ, Los Angeles, Boss Radio Forever: 1960s Rock and Roll Radio History can be purchased and downloaded on Amazon. This book presents the definitive look at one of the most influential radio stations in Los Angeles.

Mind Voice: All You Need to Start Using Your Mental Powers, published in 2018 and updated in 2022, can be purchased and downloaded on Amazon. This book is part of a life coaching strategy which gives specific instructions on successful ways people can manager their mental processes for an improved life.

Two free books by Woody Goulart that are part of his life coaching strategy.

Woody Goulart wrote one chapter for the book The Power of Life Coaching Volume 2: Manifesting Transformation in Financial, Professional, Emotional, Spiritual, Wellness and Relationship Aspects.

Woody Goulart and Wesley Joe wrote one chapter for the book New Boundaries in Political Science Fiction.