Drake-Chenault Open Reel Tapes

Because there were yet no orbiting satellites around this planet to help distribute syndicated radio programming in the 1960s and 1970s, Drake-Chenault radio programming was produced and recorded for open reel audio tapes that were physically shipped to hundreds of radio stations. Pictured here is the vintage Shafer Automation System hardware used in that era by syndicated radio programming services such as Drake-Chenault.

radio programming automation system

Through an estate liquidation I acquired 10.5 inch open reel tapes containing programming material from the Drake-Chenault radio syndication business. I have not tested whether these tapes retained their sound fidelity over the decades. But some collector will truly enjoy owning these tapes from the late 1970s.

This particular collection features 12 Contempo-200 tapes and 16 other tapes that have the letter “X” followed by a three-digital numeral.

I am unable to give these away for free. However, if you are a collector of radio broadcasting memorabilia and you would like to own the entire collection of 38 tapes, just contact me by email at woodygoulart@gmail.com or send me a text message to 702-845-5331.

As a point of reference as to the current value of such tapes, I have seen on eBay that Drake-Chenault tapes today are selling for around $60 each. So I welcome all offers.

You would either need to pick the tapes up in person where I live in Las Vegas, Nevada or pay me for the shipping and handling costs.

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