Life Coaching for Personal Development

Dr. Woody Goulart (located in Las Vegas, Nevada) offers you effective Low Cost, High Value life skills coaching and guidance for your success in the time after COVID-19. Start with a free consultation to help you focus without spending any money up front. He offers a unique two-step program if you are interested in that.
How His Two-Step Program Works:

You start by downloading a FREE electronic book (eBook) so you can learn his secrets while he “proves his value to you” as a life coach by what he has written and cited in his eBooks.
You can stop there and always have his eBook to help you as a guide to an improved life.
Or, you can go ahead to the important second step: Choose his optional one-to-one coaching using a phone and you get among the best and most affordable personalized attention available to you anywhere today in professional life coaching.




Creating Buzz Power: Public Excitement for You and What You Do (FREE)

Bounce back after COVID-19 and thrive online! You get a downloadable eBook by Dr. Woody Goulart which will boost your success online after COVID-19 with secrets about how to work from home, launch your own website and self-publish your book to sell on Amazon.

Work From Home (FREE Coaching Video)

This is not an eBook. It’s a FREE video which is directly related to creating a positive buzz for yourself and what you do — You’ll want to watch a 100% FREE coaching video in which you learn essential practices and software apps to help you keep earning a living in the wake of COVID-19 by using the internet so you can successfully work from home. This video has a running time of only 7 minutes.

–>  View the 7-minute video right now.


Speak Well for Success (FREE)

Get this down-to-earth eBook from Dr. Woody Goulart that saves you a lot of money compared to what you would pay to attend a public speaking course through a college or university. Here you gain the essential basics showing you how you can succeed after COVID-19 using public communication strategies and tactics.

Personalized, One-to-One Coaching Sessions with Coach Woody Goulart:

Get optional coaching over Skype or Zoom or other video apps with Dr. Woody Goulart. Enjoy the benefits of personalized, customized, real-time, one-to-one coaching/mentoring. Only pay for the coaching sessions you want. Priced at $100 for each one-hour session you would like to schedule. **Ask about the discounted price if you live year-round in the Las Vegas Valley.

*** Special: Customized coaching for gay men — start with a FREE CONSULTATION

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