Las Vegas Wedding

October 30, 2015 Caesars Palace Las VegasIn loving memory of Sam Glass (1960 – 2024). May he rest in peace.

Las Vegas supports and endorses legal marriage between two gay men. You and your man can have a memorable marriage ceremony and reception in the wedding capitol of the world, Las Vegas. One example can prove what’s possible for you: Sam Glass and Woody Goulart were married in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Red Rock Resort Hotel, Friday, December 30, 2016. Wedding Day Credits:

Since 2014 gay men can get married legally in the state of Nevada.

Champagne for Sam and Woody in San Francisco, December 31, 2013 Watch video coverage of the complete, unedited wedding ceremony (with Sam Glass and Woody Goulart) and guest reception in Las Vegas: Only about 10 minutes total — divided into 3 parts:

–> See photographs of the wedding ceremony, reception, and cake for Sam Glass and Woody Goulart. State of Nevada Marriage Certificate: nevada_proof_of_marriage

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