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In my most recent post I wrote about my recent relocation from the Washington, DC area to Las Vegas. I now live in a house that is a lucky 7 miles from The Strip and I’ve begun my search for others here in Southern Nevada who are open to networking like me.

One of the first priorities for anyone who relocates to a new area should be to connect with local people. Networking is so crucial to establish your personal brand to enable you to achieve success in business. I am practicing what I preach here in Las Vegas.

For all of us who are serious about networking there is one online resource available to help us no matter where we may choose to live. I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who is serious about networking sign up with LinkedIn and be sure to upgrade to a premium level account for best results.

Of course, another excellent way to network online is to post engaging messages in a blog and establish your credibility. Anyone who wishes to do so can reach out to you after reading your posts in a blog. But, be certain to post an email address on your website on every page so people can contact you.

And, the honest answer I can provide to anyone who is curious as to whether I spend my time here in Las Vegas gambling and drinking, the answer is a resounding “No!” Living in Sin City does not necessarily compel a grounded person to give in to the many pleasurable temptations that are available here. One of the worst kept secrets regarding the Las Vegas Valley is the wide range of business and professional opportunities that visitors never learn about.

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