Upgraded last night to OS X Lion.

Purchasing through the App Store was easy. With a broadband connection, it took about a half hour to download. Installation on my 2007 MacBook Pro took over an hour.

I use my MacBook Pro in a desktop configuration with external keyboard/mouse hooked up to an older 24-inch cinema display and never use the built-in trackpad. So, I will need to find some solution such as an external trackpad pad to be able to use the multi-touch gestures capability.

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Apple – OS X Lion – The world’s most advanced desktop operating system.
OS X Lion — the world’s most advanced desktop operating system — includes new features that’ll change the way you experience everything on your Mac.

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3 thoughts on “Upgraded last night to OS X Lion.

  1. I was a PC user exclusively until the 2000s when my career brought me into digital creative services work where the Mac was dominant. Should you switch? Honestly, I find that it sets one apart in a very positive way when you legitimately can claim expertise using both Windows and Mac hardware and software. Plus, there is no problem if you need your Mac to run Windows: http://apple.com/macosx/what-is/compatibility.html

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