One unavoidable impact of The Great Recession that started in 2007 was how people’s wealth got wiped out in an unexpectedly sudden drop in the value of housing. The radio business has been hammered with its own wipeout, too. Venerable career paths in the radio business now are gone from markets of every size and geographic location. The loss is especially significant because these radio career paths date back nearly a century to the glorious … Read more

Do You Remember When Rock Was Young?

Way back in 1972, the Elton John and Bernie Taupin song Crockodile Rock asked, “Do you remember when rock was young?” When that wonderful song first hit the Billboard magazine charts, technically, rock and roll was still young. If you were in or near the rock and roll radio business in those days, you would not think of living your life without reading Billboard and the famous columnist Claude Hall. Fast forward to today. Claude … Read more