Surviving a Career Transition Desert

(Personal Brand section landing page) The first time I chose to live in the Mojave Desert, I quickly learned how to draw energy and inspiration from our planet in this uniquely challenging region of the United States. In previous posts on this website I wrote about my 2012 relocation back to this amazing part of our great nation. For those of you who have never lived in a desert, let me tell you: The rules … Read more

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

(Personal Brand section landing page) “Should I Stay or Should I Go” is a famous song from the 1980s by the English punk rock group The Clash. Aside from the significance of being included in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, I find much wisdom contained in the provocative question asked by that song title. In a recent post I referred to the journey of creating or repairing your personal brand when you … Read more

Personal Brand: The Journey

(Personal Brand section landing page) While staying at a New York hotel this past weekend, I noticed that the business branding included the phrase enjoy the journey. To me, this seemed like very wise advice. For a hotel. And, for a human being, too! When it comes to creating or fixing your own personal brand, you will be wise to understand that this process is, indeed, a journey (not a destination) that you may as … Read more

Personal Brand: Your Unique Outcomes

(Personal Brand section landing page) Your personal brand should be the sum total of all that you, as an individual, use to make yourself distinctive in public compared to every other person. In this post, I will cover why your unique outcomes in your professional career are so important to creating or fixing your personal brand. Outcomes vs. Output Each of us needs to accept that there’s a big difference between our professional outcomes versus … Read more

More Best Practices Online for Job Seekers

(Personal Brand section landing page) Welcome to the second of my two-part series of commentaries and tips on using the Internet to get a new job. Seeing & Being Seen One absolutely essential factor in whether or not you use the Internet successfully to get a new job is seeing others online who are seeking new jobs and being seen online by those who are hiring people for new jobs. This may seem obvious, but … Read more