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Cannabis is for Grownups

Get this honest and down-to-earth book about the benefits for grownups (people age 50 and older) who choose to use the medicine plant, cannabis absolutely free of charge. No obligation. The author is of the Baby Boom generation–born in the middle of the 20th century–with direct, personal experience using cannabis products.

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You may be pleased to learn that the author (Dr. Woody Goulart) is not a young person trying to adapt cannabis sales pitches to older people. The emphasis in this book is upon the medicinal benefits you can find using legal cannabis products in contrast to a focus upon the recreational benefits (such as getting buzzed or high from cannabis.)

Your life can change for the better by reading this book. The author has experience guiding and coaching people how to use legal cannabis products to achieve less physical and emotional pain and have a better life. This book starts the process of making the best choices for your life in selecting legal cannabis products for managing your pain and suffering.

Download “Cannabis for Grownups Age 50 Plus” FREE

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