What You Need to Know

An Unregulated Service Industry

In the United States today, life coaching (and other forms of one-to-one coaching provided by professionals to clients) is unregulated. For a variety of reasons, there are no nationally-accepted or enforced standards or rules and regulations that control or restrict how the practice of life coaching is conducted.

The genuinely unregulated nature of this profession has created uncertainties and confusion. Each person needs to cut through the clutter to discover for themselves what the truths are and what the fictions are that can be discarded and ignored.

No Need to be Expensive

The most prominent fiction about this profession is that becoming a life coach should be expensive. This simply is not true. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Dr. Woody Goulart offers a MASTER CLASS to train and prepare you to succeed as a LIFE COACH. The total cost is only $997.00.

There is absolutely no good reason for anyone to pay more than that one-time fee of $997.00 to be trained and prepared by a skilled and qualified MASTER COACH to enable you to serve clients in this profession.

It is likely that one can pay a lot of money to become a life coach and yet still be no good at the profession of life coaching. You do not need to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars! The genuine need is to have skills and know-how, not to pay a lot of money up-front for training and preparation.

No Need for a Piece of Paper

One massive falsehood in USA culture today is that one needs to have a piece of paper (diploma, certificate, etc.) first before being able to succeed in this profession of serving paying clients. This falsehood is pitched by the education sector in the United States. You can choose to believe in the need for getting a piece of paper, but in reality, you do not need to have any piece of paper to prepare you to succeed in the profession of helping paying clients with life coaching issues. No diploma or certification in the entire world can guarantee up-front that once you have the piece of paper you will succeed and make money in any profession. Do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

No Need for Weeks or Months of Preparation

Within the unregulated service industry of professional coaching, there is an enduring myth that one needs weeks or months of time spent before becoming ready to succeed professionally. This is simple false. Dr. Woody Goulart uses an accelerated online-delivered framework and system of best practices that only takes one weekend (about 20 hours total) for you to complete successfully. After completion, you get the added benefit (at no added cost) of one-to-one mentoring provided to you by Dr. Woody Goulart to help you succeed in this profession. You do not need to spend more time than one weekend to become trained and prepared to succeed in the profession of life coaching especially since ongoing one-to-one mentoring is included.

– – – – – Summary – – – – –

  • You pay only $997.00 to be trained and prepared to succeed as a life coach.
  • You do not receive a piece of paper (diploma or certification, etc.) but yet you become well-trained and completely prepared to succeed as a life coach.
  • The time investment is about 20 (twenty) hours total β€” plus you get ongoing one-to-one mentoring β€” you do not need to invest weeks or months of time to be trained and prepared to succeed as a life coach.

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