One Secret for Social Media Business Success

There is a one “secret” to making social media channels work. Here it is: relationships. Succeeding with strategic marketing online demands that you know how and why relationships with people work. If you remember nothing else about social media, you should keep these things in the front of your mind: 1–First and foremost: Know exactly who your audience is. Understand at a very deep level what members of your audience expect to receive from you … Read more

Don't Suck When Using Social Media

One very humorous, yet truthful, exploration “How To Suck at Facebook,” provides highly useful tips on what to avoid doing on Facebook if you want to be taken seriously and not have people laughing at what you do online. (The rules are different, of course, if your mission involves comedy and satire.) There are also practical suggestions for proper etiquette when you use Twitter if you want to avoid seeming like you don’t really know how to use social media.

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