Star Trek Memories

This is a companion web page for my Amazon Kindle eBook. Studying Star Trek I am 100% certain that most people today who visit websites about Star Trek would not likely stop to think for even just a few seconds about scholarly studies which examine this show business phenomenon. However, I was never one of them. My personal interest in Star Trek began when I was in my final year of high school. As it … Read more

Recommending “Star Trek: Picard”

What motivated me at long last to get the streaming video service CBS All Access (rebranded in March 2021 as Paramount+) was a simple life upended due to an international health crisis. Staying put in an apartment for longer than 30 consecutive days thus far has prevented me from getting the infectious virus. Yet the pressing sense of confinement started to affect my dreams, my moods, and my eating–not necessarily in that order. So it … Read more

Kubrick Warned Us, But We Did Not Believe Him

stanley kubrick

American film director Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) created unforgettable and challenging ideas in his storytelling such as the recurring theme that technology is a curse for mankind rather than a blessing. Kubrick warned us, be we did not believe him. Just 14 years after Kubrick passed, technology is taking away jobs that we humans will likely never regain. This is not science fiction. This is real. A sobering article entitled “After Your Job Is Gone” is … Read more

Genres duke it out in 'Cowboys & Aliens'

Reshared post from + Genres duke it out in ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Embedded Link Genres duke it out in ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Timothy White) By David Mermelstein, When the movie “Cowboys & Aliens,” starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, opens in theaters Friday it will aim for more than just stellar grosses at the box office. It will attempt to merge two genres that are essentially … Google+: View post on Google+