Managing Your Online Reputation

Many of you have been following my weekly commentaries about personal branding that started during the summer of 2012. In those regular posts, I covered the first step you should take to create or repair your personal brand.

I explained how verbal communications skills and writing well are so vital to having and maintaining the best possible personal brand.

How people perceive of your character helps solidify your personal brand. The same is true for your personal uniqueness compared to your competition as you seek a career position in the wake of the Great Recession and the professional outcomes for which you can take credit.

I also emphasized how have a focused and positive attitude is so vital on your journey to a new career position may be challenging and take more time that you would like.

Google Yourself

In this post, I want you to take a look at how you are appearing online when anybody who may want to hire you runs a search using your first and last name. The search results that the hiring manager gets when he or she Googles you should not be a surprise to you at all.

While you are seeking a career position in the wake of the Great Recession, you should Google yourself on a regular basis to see how your personal brand and your online reputation look. How to do this is quite simple. Just go to Google and in the search box you enter your first and last name surrounded by quotation marks. If you have a name (such as John Smith) that is shared by many other people, you may also need to enter your city of residence so that Google’s search results will be able to find you.

Managing Your Online Reputation

After you recover from the shock or the joy of seeing the search results when you Google yourself, it is the best time to begin managing your online reputation in earnest. Fortunately, this is a free and relatively easy way for people like us to do this.

Just go to the explanation page for managing your online reputation at a website called and read why online reputation management is something you must do. I already use this service (see so I feel confident in recommending online reputation management for you as you seek a career position.

Everyone today who is seeking a career position in the wake of the Great Recession needs to focus on online reputation management. This is because the rules of how to get a career position have changed greatly in just a very short time. I urge you to take control of your online reputation management immediately.

I can help you with online reputation management if you want a proven expert in online reputation management to guide and assist you. Just email me.

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