Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching: Cannabis for Grownups

If you consider yourself a grownup and you live where cannabis has been legalized, this section of this website is especially intended tp benefit you. The emphasis here in this section of this website is on the use of cannabis for health benefits and not the use of cannabis for getting high or stoned.

I’m known in Las Vegas for Dr. Woody’s Cannabis Coaching (see my cannabis coaching page on Facebook).

Over the span of a few years I became respected in Las Vegas as someone who coaches others as to the best uses of cannabis. My focus has always been how you can use cannabis as medicine.

I happen to not be interested at all in the recreational use of cannabis to get high and alter your mood. You don’t need coaching for that usage of cannabis at all. Just walk into any retail location that legally sells cannabis if you want to get high. It’s so easy to buy that kind of cannabis.

If you’re a grownup who does not want to consider cannabis for pleasure or getting high, you may need help, coaching, training and so on to guide you in best practices.

Get this honest and down-to-earth book about the benefits for grownups (people age 50 and older) who choose to use the medicine plant, cannabis absolutely free of charge. No obligation. The author is of the Baby Boom generation–born in the middle of the 20th century–with direct, personal experience using cannabis products.

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Every body of every human is slightly different. But from my personal experience, I recommend a specific cannabis product that anyone in the U.S. can legally purchase online from Amazon and then use the product for medicinal outcomes. You don’t need to walk into a cannabis dispensary. You just order this product online and it will be delivered to you.

These hemp gummies are not habit-forming. You WILL NOT get high from these gummies. I found these gummies help me get better sleep, ease my body’s muscular pains, and generally make me feel less stressed out and therefore much better in my daily life.

You swallow this edible product. You won’t end up smelling like a teenage pothead. There is no smoke and no scent at all because hemp gummies go in your mouth and then down your throat to your stomach. Nobody will even know you are using hemp gummies for medical outcomes.

Hemp is just a small word with a big ancient history. The preferred botanical term is cannabis. The scientific fact (not just one writer’s opinion) is that these hemp gummies cannot get you high because they contain no THC—the abbreviation for Tetrahydocannabinol. Amazon could not sell hemp gummies online for delivery to you unless hemp gummies were legal. And these hemp gummies are most definitely 100% legal in the U.S. today.

Learn More about Health Benefits from Cannabis Use: Listen to Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast:


Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast 3

Dr. Woody Goulart interviews Las Vegas cannabis industry brand ambassador Gabriel Castillo. He is intuitive and creative. He believes in living your truth, as he puts it. Gabriel Castillo also happens to be a Las Vegas stand-up comedian.

PODCAST #3 (April 2, 2019) Running time: half hour

Description by Dr. Woody Goulart:


How can someone succeed working in Las Vegas as both a brand ambassador for the cannabis industry and a stand-up comedian? Meet Gabriel Castillo who is from San Antonio, Texas, but chose Las Vegas as the place where he would make his career happen. What can we learn about how to sell cannabis products from a stand-up comedian? You will be surprised by what he reveals!

Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast 2

Dr. Woody Goulart interviews Las Vegas DJ Erin Kelly who shares his personal observations as a music entertainer about the current cultural shift in the United States toward the public acceptance of the cannabis industry.

Listen here — PODCAST #2 (March 20, 2019) Running time: half hour

Description by Dr. Woody Goulart:


He’s a Las Vegas DJ. For nearly a decade he’s been entertaining visitors and locals on the Las Vegas Strip and at other nightspots bringing everyone new music here in this famous Mojave Desert playground.
From his unique vantage point, this music entertainer has watched the cannabis culture change in Las Vegas. Once marijuana was illegal in Vegas and everywhere else. But Las Vegas has seen what can rightfully be called a game-changing cultural shift. Listen as he explains what happened.