Buying the Right Shoes for Blogging

Without much effort, anyone can easily find false promises online. I am amused—sometimes I laugh out loud—when I see advice online about jumping into social media right now as the one-size-fits-all solution to marketing yourself or your organization or products and services. While I continue laughing at the ridiculousness of such advice about getting started using social media today, let me stop and ask you a question: Do you know how to buy the right shoes for blogging?

I previously ran every day. So, I guess I can claim to know a few things about running shoes. I do know that buying the correct shoes for running or for any other athletic activity can mean the difference between physical injury and physical health. Choose to ignore this wisdom at your own peril.

As someone who has built websites for others since the 1990s, I can claim to know a few things about marketing using the Internet. And, it may surprise you to learn that I see a relationship between buying shoes for running and buying into the current craze about getting into social media.
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