Your Personal Brand — How-To #1

(Personal Brand section landing page) Let me start by providing five real-world examples of personal brands in the second decade of the 21st century that I believe are highly effective and worth noting for their success. If you are unfamiliar with any of these five people, it will be worth your while to Google them to find examples of how they use their personal brands in the world today. Jeff Bezos Hilary Rodham Clinton Anderson … Read more

Danger in Do It Yourself Business Websites

You want to save money, so you decide that a Do It Yourself Business Website is the way to go. Stop! You may be making a terrible decision if you go with a Do It Yourself Business Website. I did coaching over the phone with a Baltimore area businessman who had a Do It Yourself Business Website that he discovered had suddenly crashed. He had saved a lot of money by struggling with the technical … Read more

Website as an Online Business Card

You may want to have a website that serves the function of being your online business card. Most traditional business cards that people have today are very small pieces of card stock. But, a business card is really only a piece of paper that you hand out to other people. There is a physical limit to how much information anybody can fit on any business card. Using a website as an online business card, however, … Read more

Website as Proof You are Cool and Relevant

Some people choose to get their own website because that serves as proof to other people that they are cool and relevant in the 21st century. It is certainly true that getting your own website does prove that you (or someone you paid) demonstrated certain relevant skills and talents to create a website that is viewable to the entire world. But, so what? Having a website so you can say your domain name aloud to … Read more