Photography by Woody Goulart  

Hello and welcome to the Photography section of my website. I am a veteran of photography with significant experience using film, video, and digital cameras; photographic post-production software; and visual design creation software for business websites.

I was formally trained in photojournalism as part of his bachelor of science degree program in journalism. I have experience getting the best results from both film and digital cameras shooting a wide range of photographic subjects since the 1970s.

Cameras are everywhere nowadays. People shoot stuff carelessly using their smart phones and call that photography. What separates mere shooters from actual photographers?

My photographs capture and convey emotions and personalities that are so important to visual marketing today in print and online.

It is difficult to put into words. That’s why I use photographic imagery to show how my brain and my eyes work in creating an impression or telling a story. I am not a mere shooter.

2023 Photography in Las Vegas:

Everyone knows about the famous neon cowboy in Las Vegas. But would you be surprised to see and meet real cowboys at the Fremont Street Experience?


See even more examples of my photographic work in a special section entitled Westward Ho.

I have produced photographic imagery for a variety of clients spanning several years. Today I offer priority freelance photography services to select clients in Southern Nevada (excluding weddings).

More Samples of My Photography:

Character Photography

Capturing the character of a person

hey bartender blue van man dan_in_lights

Outdoor Photography

Revealing the wonders of nature

Outdoor Photography

Telling a persuasive story with images

Driving through flood waters can jeopardize your life.
Driving through flood waters can jeopardize your life.

Kids don't care that bad stuff floats in flood waters.
Kids don’t care that bad shit floats in flood waters.

Adults should know flood water damages vehicles.
Adults should know flood water damages vehicles.

Prices for photo shoots depend on the complexity and settings. Contact me to tell me what your needs for a photographer are and I will prepare a quote for you for my photographic services. I look forward to hearing from you!