Las Vegas Cannabis Business Coach Reshaping Industry Expectations

Las Vegas, NV – April 25, 2019 – Woody Goulart, known as “Dr. Woody,” has a doctoral degree in communications and he is reshaping cannabis industry expectations with his branded business improvement service known as Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching (

The accepted standard in the training of marijuana dispensary employees is to focus upon what is being sold to customers. “To place a strong emphasis upon cannabis products can be an unwise choice,” says Woody Goulart, “especially due to wide differences in how medical marijuana customers shop inside dispensaries compared to recreational customers.”

As a card-carrying Nevada medical marijuana customer who is over 60, Goulart says he has experienced Las Vegas dispensary employees who were uncomfortable behaving and communicating with older customers. Such experiences motivated him to fine-tune his Las Vegas business and life coaching efforts to include cannabis industry sales skills training and mentoring of dispensary employees. He has appeared at Las Vegas cannabis education events.

His skill-building instruction and mentoring comes in two varieties—one for consumers, and, another for current or future employees in the cannabis industry. Both can be used in any U.S. location where medical marijuana is legally available.

“The trick I found is to offer a service priced low but offers new and enhanced business skills for cannabis industry employees. Take my coaching and you will learn exactly how to use trustworthy methods of adapting what you say and how you frame it when you talk to dispensary customers,” Goulart says. He notes that older industries already rely upon such consultative sales approaches. He explains, “The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving today. The best dispensary sales efforts are going to be those where employees confidently adapt their approach and communication individually to satisfy each customer differently as needed.”

Goulart also recently launched a private tutoring service delivered on a one-to-one basis to individuals who need guidance in choosing the most appropriate cannabis products for particular medical purposes.