Master Class in Life Coaching

Do You Qualify?

Dr. Woody Goulart is now accepting new clients to enroll in his MASTER CLASS in which each person receives training and preparation to be a successful LIFE COACH. Requirements for Enrolling: You must be at least age 21. You also need to have completed any college or university degree program for which you already have proof (such as digital transcript or diploma).

What’s in The Master Class?

All content and materials for this MASTER CLASS are delivered digitally and are included in the one-time price of $997.00. There are no physical products (books or other printed items) required for this training and preparation that you need to purchase. There is no ceremony after completion of the Master Class and no piece of paper showing your completion. This Master Class is all about building qualifications for you, not engaging you in any ceremonial activities.

The suggested time for you to go through all the content and material for this MASTER CLASS is about 20 (twenty) hours—split up over a weekend or two weekdays.

The top ten topics (sorted alphabetically) within a full spectrum of additional topics in Dr. Woody Goulart’s MASTER CLASS:

* * Best Business Practices for Life Coaching — How to stay current with the ever-changing techniques and real-world practices best suited for successful life coaching.
* * Evaluating Your Clients’ Outcomes after Life Coaching — After you are finished coaching a client, here’s how to stay in touch with them to evaluate their outcomes brought about by you for any adjustments needed.
* * Framework for Your Successful Life Coaching Practice — Here is the core framework required to keep your life coaching practice successful over time.
* * Marketing for Successful Life Coaching — Here are marketing strategies and best practices for keeping your life coaching practice relevant and known within your target audience.
* * Mental Preparation for Life Coaching — How your mental preparation before, during, and after life coaching is vital to your success in this profession.
* * Mentoring for You — After completing this life coaching training and preparation, you are eligible to receive ongoing mentoring to keep everything on track and relevant in your life coaching practice.
* * Ongoing Adjusting and Modifying Your Life Coaching Practices — How to keep your life coaching practices on target amid changes in culture and society (such as the worldwide pandemic).
* * Public Speaking Preparation for Life Coaching — Essential skills for public speaking and written communication in support of your life coaching practice.
* * Setting and Modifying Your Fees for Life Coaching — The fees you charge for your life coaching need to be appropriate for your target audience and sometimes need to be adjusted up or down.
* * Using Digital Technology for Life Coaching — Mastering the essential uses of today’s technology for success in your life coaching practice.

Life Coaching Framework

I have developed a particular and unique life coaching framework having learned many lessons from years of real life experiences. I would never offer anything to you without first having personally proven that it works in the real world.

I am neither rich nor famous. I actually was born and raised in a small town and did not come from a famous or wealthy family. This means I did not have any built-in advantages in life to propel me to fame or fortune. All that I am I became over time following my deliberate and conscious choices. You can do the same or similarly in your own life if you select me as your Master Coach or your Life Coach.

Listed in alphabetical order are the specific elements that I identified from having lived a real life in the real world are essential to finding genuine success no matter who you are or what you do for a living:

  • Commitment / Determination / Stamina
  • Credibility Proof — External or third-party verification of accomplishments
  • Curiosity / Openness to Lifelong Learning
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ) not Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
  • Independent Thinking — Skills in thinking critically and analytically
  • Learned Skills from Having Done Actual High-Skills Work
  • Method Acting Skills — Recalling one’s emotions or reactions in real life and then using such recollections to behave in ways that make one relatable to people as actors do in portraying characters in movies or on television
  • Self-Actualization also known as self-directedness or having a deep sense of self-direction
  • Social and Emotional Connection Skills

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